Power to Keep Playing: The Importance of Sustainability

Immediate gains, immediate solutions, immediate synergies. These goals are important in any M&A transaction or negotiation. Both buyers and sellers want direct rewards to cast a new light on the future and open new opportunities. What’s also essential to both parties is sustainability: The ability to keep those gains, solutions, and synergies at play going forward.

Sustainability is highly desired not just in the business world, but in every world, no matter where we come from and what goals we have. This applies to corporations, right down to the homeless population of Los Angeles. For those on the streets, sustainability is the difference between one hot meal, and a way to provide hot meals for one’s own self and family, not just today, but for a lifetime.

M&A experts know what’s needed to ensure sustainability and build those long-term components into a transaction. In the business world, sustainability may take the form of:

  • Future earn-out potential
  • Bonuses and performance incentives for employees
  • Increased savings and synergies in purchasing, market reach, and resources
  • The ability to capture additional profits down the road based on long-term KPIs

Leaders at the Los Angeles Mission, one of the nation’s largest service providers to the homeless, know that sustainability means addressing root causes of homelessness and helping their “students” achieve long-term life solutions. This involves overcoming key obstacles that prevent them from finding not only homes, but training, jobs, and new support systems.

Training. The Los Angeles Mission teaches students how to prepare resumes, fill out applications, and prepare for interviews. Using strategies of group sessions, individual counseling, and role play, along with financial training and legal assistance, students are given tools to succeed and gain the confidence to make sustainable changes in their lives.

Jobs. To reduce the risk of future homelessness, the Mission helps students find secure employment – jobs that pay the bills and provide for long-term savings. The Mission helps students attend Los Angeles Trade Tech or other community colleges and supplements financial aid provided by each school. The Mission also has established relationships with employers in the community, and a 78% placement rate for students who go through the Mission’ programs.

Support systems. Finally, the Mission lets students recognize that they are not alone in their efforts to rebuild their lives. The Mission assists students in restoring the relationships that will provide an essential support system. With this encouragement, students can find a “bridge” to return long-term to their families and society.

The importance of sustainability is apparent in the global world of M&A and in the local community of organizations like the Los Angeles Mission. The desire for sustainability shows that while specific goals may be different across corporations and individuals, they are in many ways the same. We are all looking for gains, solutions, and synergies that will improve our lives today and going forward.

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