July 2017 Newsletter

We’re now well into the summer… and the needs of our friends, neighbors and students are just as great now as during the coldest days of winter. In our July newsletter you can read about Daniel, one of our graduates who expresses his gratitude by saying, “Thank you for giving me another chance at life. All of a sudden a whole new world is open to me. I now see God’s love and beauty all around me. Thank you for supporting the Mission and for giving me so much hope.” Daniel is only one of the hundreds of men and women who are reaping the benefits of our donors and volunteers. The physical effects of addiction and living in a state of homelessness have a huge impact on those we serve. But nourishing food, health, rest, and a daily touch with the beauty of nature all help to win the day. Galatians 6:7 reminds us that a person harvests whatever he plants. Thank you for helping us plant good seeds in the receptive hearts of those who come through our doors. Please download our July newsletter to read about what’s happening at the Mission this month.

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