5 Facts About the Homelessness in Los Angeles

You’ve seen the rows of crowded tents that line our Los Angeles streets. You’ve seen the faces and desperation of men, women and children huddled together, living on the streets. You’ve seen the brokenness of these people because their brokenness is on display for everyone to see.

But how much do you know about the homeless crisis? These 5 facts help illustrate the overwhelming tragedy that is homelessness in Los Angeles.

1. The numbers are rising and it’s a crisis that can’t be ignored

Across Los Angeles, the homelessness crisis is reaching epic proportions. There are over 58,000 people across Los Angeles County who are experiencing homelessness, a 12% increase from 2018.

2. More people are falling into homelessness for the first time

Between soaring housing costs and wages that can’t keep up with the high-cost of living, more people are falling into homelessness for the first time. You see, 6 out of 10 people experiencing homelessness are now without housing for the first time — many citing economic hardship as a significant factor.

3. Homelessness remains visible on our streets

When you look around Skid Row and greater Los Angeles, you see countless people living in tents, make-shift shelters and their vehicles. The hard truth is that 75% of people experiencing homelessness lack permanent shelter and have to make due with whatever they can find.

4. Chronic homelessness is a long-term problem

For many of our vulnerable friends and neighbors experiencing homelessness, hope for a better life can be hard to grasp. But for those with disabling conditions like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other physical disabilities, many face long or repeated episodes of homelessness. In reality, over 16,000 people have been without housing for over a year and have a condition that makes homelessness even more difficult.

5. They’re fleeing violence and assault

Every person experiencing homelessness has a story and a reason for why they have turned to the streets. Sadly, domestic violence can be a significant factor. In fact, 5% report being driven into homelessness because they are fleeing domestic violence and have nowhere else to turn.

At Los Angeles Mission, we work to provide emergency services as well as long-term solutions to help our neighbors break the cycle of homelessness and rewrite the next chapter of their lives.

While homelessness remains a crisis in Los Angeles, there is hope for a better tomorrow if we all work together to create change.