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At the Mission, we always say hope starts with a meal. We see that transformational hope make a difference every day. And we want that meal to be a jumping off point for our friends and neighbors who live on Skid Row. That meal is important—it meets a short-term, physical need for someone who may be eating his or her first decent meal in weeks. We want that meal to open the door to starting a conversation about the services we provide and how we can help them. We want to get to know their individual experiences, their individual stories and their individual needs. The more we know about those who come through our doors, the better we are able to serve them and others like them with similar backgrounds and challenges. Through this holistic approach, the Mission is so much more than a meal. In this month’s issues of Crossroads, you’ll read about Dothlyn and Dimson, who came to the Mission in need and we were able to provide them with spiritual counseling, employment assistance and much more. Please download our February issue of Crossroads to find out what’s going on at the Mission this month.

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