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Education is a powerful word at the Mission.  Education can save the lives of those who come to us in need; we can equip them with tools to change their lives of addiction.  Education can also be the key to unlocking job opportunities a student has never had available to them before.  At the Los Angeles Mission and the Anne Douglas Center, education becomes the building block that not only helps someone today, it sets a foundation where they can find good employment for the rest of their lives.

In our August newsletter, we’re thinking about the important role of education in our students’ potential to be hired for competitive jobs.  Rolando Benitez, the cover story in this month’s issue of Crossroads, knows the importance of education and our Career Services Center. In his classes at the Mission, he learned computer skills and used those skills daily at the Career Center to search for a job.  A month after graduation, he found a job he feels proud of every day.

Please download the August issue of Crossroads to read more about Rolando’s story as well as other stories impacting the Mission.

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