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At the Los Angeles Mission, we strive to be a beacon of hope and a force for change in our community—but we’re only able to do our life-changing work because of compassionate donors and volunteers.  As you’ll read in the May issue of Crossroads, every donation to the Mission goes further than you might think. For example, you’ll read the story about the Giddens brothers—Jesse came to the Mission, received help to overcome his drug addiction and then brought his brother H.C. into the program to get help as well. There’s also Suzette Shaw, who received housing assistance and now volunteers at the Mission to help serve other women like her. She’s also become a passionate advocate for women in the community. When men and women find new hope and transformation at the Mission and the Anne Douglas Center, they look for ways to give back and help others. The life-changing impact goes on! Please download and read the May issue of Crossroads today!

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