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Success is defined individually. It’s personal. At the Mission, we see that now more than ever. Each student’s path to success looks different. In the past, we tended to group each student or guest into one of three categories: recovery, work skills or education. In recent years, we have adapted to the need around us at the Mission, and we know that an individualized plan gives students a clear path to their own successful outcome. Frank Miller, featured in our October issue of Crossroads, found his path to a “Fresh Start” included mental healthcare to work through his severe depression. When the economy began to struggle, work as an attorney seemed to dry up. Frank was left with anxiety and stress, unsure of how to deal with it all. Our partnership with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has been vital in helping us better identify mental health concerns and creating a collaborative plan with students like Frank. This partnership is making a huge difference in the lives of so many who come to the Mission seeking physical, spiritual and mental healing. Praise God! Please download our October issue of Crossroads to read more about Frank’s story and what’s happening at the Mission this month.

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