Malcolm & Marcus

Malcolm & Marcus

Malcolm and Marcus Mitchell are recent Fresh Start graduates. Last year they lost everything after a series of terrible events. Before long they found themselves on the street—homeless—sleeping behind the library in Gardena.

All they had were the clothes on their backs. They were digging in trash cans for food. Sometimes, they didn’t eat at all. Then Malcolm and Marcus met a library staff member who was a graduate of the Los Angeles Mission. “He told us all about the Mission and said we needed to go there. He called his chaplain—Chaplain Lewis—and told him to put our names on a bed ticket. And he was kind enough to give us money for bus fare,” says Marcus.

At first, the Mission only had one opening in the Jump Start program. The brothers waited 14 days so they could begin the program together, and they haven’t looked back. “There’s a gold mine of opportunities here,” says Malcolm. “Urban Training Institute. Vocational courses. Work Start. You just have to be willing to work hard and take advantage of them.”

Like his brother, Marcus is excited about what the future holds. “We’re building a good foundation here. My brother is still writing songs and will get back to his music. My dream is to live a good life. Have a beautiful family. I want to break every chain, just like the theme of our graduation. But I have to build a good foundation first.”

Because of the training he received at the Mission, Malcolm was able to get a good job working on computers for the Civilian Conservation Corps. “And I’m completely qualified…up to par…even better,” he says.

As for Marcus, he is taking advantage of the training courses here to help him get good work experience and build up his résumé. “I’m very grateful for the Los Angeles Mission,” he says.

Both Malcolm and Marcus have lives that were changed through your support of the Mission. “Though I’ve never met you, you have been a great blessing in my life. I am very grateful. Your money was not wasted on me, I promise you that,” says Malcolm.

Thank you!