Dear Friend,

The Los Angeles Mission has served men, women and children in need for 81 years. We say hope begins with a meal…That’s not just a slogan, but a reality in thousands of lives over decades of tireless service. Each person we serve is worthy of dignity and love.

We provide thousands of meals, hours of education, counseling sessions and coaching.

To see the smile on a mother’s face when her son graduates with his GED, free from addictions—that is success to us. To see a woman take control of her circumstances and make changes to recover her family or start her own business; this is success. Success is maximizing a person’s human potential and fostering a better understanding of God.

Your gifts, large and small combined, have allowed us to serve millions of meals, to graduate hundreds of men and women from our Fresh Start program and to meet emergency needs for thousands of men, women and children on an annual basis.

You can continue to help us by donating as little as the cost of a meal, $2.53, or the cost of a life-changing 12-month program of $26,400. Whatever is on your heart to share will be put to use to help those in need.

I thank you, but more importantly the men and women who have benefited from this place thank you, and pray that you will join them to support others in need.

Herb Smith
Los Angeles Mission