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At the Mission, we believe that education is the key to unlocking the bonds of pverty and homelessness.  Education helps open doors for our students as they seek employment, and gives them confidence to pursue new dreams for their lives.  Education also plays a huge role in helping to prevent future homelessness by giving kids the vital skills they need to succeed.

As we’re gearing up for our education-focused End of Summer Block Party this month, the August issue of Crossroads features stories that show just how important education is to our community.  You’ll also read about Mission alum Patrick Vincer.  After a lifetime of drug and alcohol addiction, Patrick is now attending a local vocational college. Upon graduation, he has plans to find a job to support his pursuit of a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.  Where before he felt he had no hope, he now has a new vision for his future!  That’s the kind of life-changning difference education can make.  Please download our August issue of Crossroads to read more of Patrick’s story.

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