Eggs in the Giving Basket

Giving Commodities to Los Angeles Mission

You know not to put all your eggs in one basket. But did you know….

Savvy farmers who put some of their eggs – or grains, nuts, berries, corn, or even livestock – in the giving basket avoid taxes AND have tremendous Kingdom impact. For many generous farmers, commodities are more cost-effective to give than cash!

When you give commodities to Los Angeles Mission prior to the sale, you can reduce your taxable income – even if you take the standard deduction. You may also claim a business deduction for the production costs of the commodity (such as animal feed, fertilizer or irrigation), regardless of whether those costs occurred in the current year or prior years.

It’s an over-easy giving solution for your wallet and God’s Kingdom!

Are commodities the right giving option for you? We’d love to tell you more. Call Yolanda Breland at (213) 629-1227 ext 417 or email

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