The Los Angeles Mission provides nearly 1,500 hot meals every day. You can provide meals and hope – every month – to hungry, homeless and hurting people here in Skid Row.

When you Adopt-a-Meal, you commit to provide a specific meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner for hungry, homeless and hurting men, women and children who come to the Los Angeles Mission. And since every Mission meal is an opportunity to share life-changing hope with someone who is desperate; you can help change lives. For a gift of $1,265.00 you can sponsor a designated meal for all those that come to the Mission, up to 500 meals!

The Adopt-a-Meal program allows volunteer groups to take charge of a meal as though it were their own event. The volunteers will prepare and serve the designated meal for approximately 500 Mission guests. The Adopt-a-Meal program allows more time to connect with our students friends and neighbors. You get the opportunity to share directly with those who benefit from your gifts.

To Adopt-a-Meal now, or for more information, please call Nuria Mora at (213) 629-1227, ext. 334.