Anne-DouglasLThe Los Angeles Mission’s Women’s outreach was named the Anne Douglas Center for Women in recognition of Mrs. Kirk Douglas’ long-standing compassionate generosity to the homeless.

“If I had but one wish, I think becoming a recognized patron of homeless men and women would be it. I hope together we will be able to alleviate their plight entirely.”
– Anne Douglas
December 20, 1990

Give Women a Chance to Recover

At the Anne Douglas Center for Women, our friends and neighbors are given a chance to transform their lives and regain their dignity after tragedy. Your gift will help us meet their immediate needs and give them the tools to break the cycle of self-destruction.

Shattered Lives

Women arrive at our door shattered, drained of emotions, suicidal, alone…and in desperate need of help. Their lives are filled with incidents of physical, sexual and emotional abuse that have left a wake of broken family relationships and chaos. Tired and no longer able to manage their own lives, they are seeking a way to make a change. At the Anne Douglas Center, they are welcomed and offered the chance to transform their lives and regain their dignity.

Breaking the Cycle

During the 12-month intensive Life Recovery Program, women are provided shelter, meals and clothing as they are equipped with skills and taught how to accept responsibility that prepares them for a life of independence.
These women are taught how to break the cycle of self-destruction. They learn not to rely on drugs, alcohol, bad relationships and other destructive behaviors so common in their lives. Gradually they come to see themselves as women of value, no longer unloved and isolated. They reclaim their self-respect – or affirm it for the first time.

The Process of Relational Life Recovery

The Los Angeles Mission’s Anne Douglas Center for women believes in life recovery of the spirit, body and mind.
Enriching the spirit through:
• Spiritual Counseling
• Spiritual Self-worth
• Chapel Services
Enriching the body through:
• Exercise Program
• Recreation and Arts Curriculum
Self-Defense Training Enriching the mind through:
• Academics

Career Skills Development

Examples of job preparation include the following skills that can be learned at the Anne Douglas Center:
• Administrative Assistant
• Receptionist
• Food Services
• Medical Clinic Assistant
• Special Events Planning
• Housing


Ensuring Successful Transition
Women who complete a year in the Urban Training Institute recovery program may continue in a 12-month Transition Program designed to complete the process of preparing them to re-enter the mainstream of society. The Action Plan for the Transition Program includes:
• Job Readiness
• Job Placement Assistance
• Transitional Housing
• Money Management
• Family Ministry
• Higher Education
• Referral Service

Support Services

The services, as follows, are available to women participating in both the Life Recovery and Transition Programs:
• Family Reunification
• Liaison Assistance for Social and Legal Proceedings
• Medical, Dental, and Chiropractic Services
• Alumnae Services

Meeting Needs Through

Our Day Services
• Nutritious Meals
• Clothing
• Showers
• Personal Hygiene Products
• Children’s Clothing
• Infant Supplies
• Toys
• English-as-a Second Language
• Free Community Clinic Medical Assistance