“Promoting a Passion for Life-Long Learning, Growth & Success” The Urban Training Institute encompasses the total person: spirit, soul and body and addresses all issues from a relational  approach.

The Henry Salvatori Learning Center is available to male and female students who reside at the Los Angeles Mission, the Anne Douglas and in the community as well. The Learning Center is equipped with 45 computer lab workstations. Classes offered on-site are as follows:

  • Adult Basic Education (improves academic skills such as reading, writing and math)
  • Computer and Non-Computerized Education
  • High School Completion or GED Readiness Classes (English and Spanish)
  • Computer Literacy Classes
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • On-line Courses
  • Customer Service
  • Keyboarding
  • Tutoring
  • English As A Second Language
  • Independent Studies
  • Bible Classes*

*Angelus Bible Institute has partnered with the Mission in accepting the transfer of our Bible classes. (Pauls’ letter to the Romans, Synoptic Gospels, Acts, Systematic Theology, and the Pentateuch)

Many classes are taught by State Certified teachers from Belmont Community Adult School, which is the largest adult school in the nation. Life Skills classes such as Anger Management, Domestic Violence Batter’s class and Victims’ class, and Smoking Cessation classes are taught by certified instructors. The Learning Center uses the Edmuntum Learning System to enrich the academic study of our student population.

Each student is individually assessed by a State Certified Student Counselor to determine his/her academic strength, weakness and learning style in order to create the ideal strategy for success. The assessment is extremely thorough.

Spiritual Life Studies:
Christianity is relational. Students are encouraged to develop their relationship with God through personal faith in Christ Jesus. Spiritual life studies contribute to character development and spiritual growth. If you are a church and would like to partner with us, please contact Gladys Reyes at (213) 629-1227, ext. 420 or greyes@lamission.net.

Physical Education:
Prolonged drug and alcohol abuse results in extensive physical deterioration. The physical education courses provide a structured program in which all UTI students participate in P.E. classes. Intramural team sports, involvement in city leagues and running the L.A Marathon are highlights of this program.

Social Events
Most of the students who attend the Los Angeles Mission are in need of love and encouragement. As part of the learning experience, we offer programs so students can attend social recreation such as museums, art galleries, picnics, running the Los Angeles Marathon, graduation outings and sporting events. Part of the recovery process involves social interaction and involvement.