The Los Angeles Mission’s FreshStart program is a 12 month residential, live-in program. We are a drug-free facility. As a Christ-centered program, we focus on teaching students how to build and maintain a relationship with God and give the tools to help them sustain their sobriety.

Program Mission Statement: To achieve, challenge, and liberate by the power of God through the excellent delivery of human services to achieve key outcome that builds life in community. Our approach is a Christ-centered transformational program that is holistic, a commitment of discipleship that develops the student mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. So all activities involved by a student must be designed to support and undergird our foundation of a transformational, Christ-centered discipleship program that is holistic.

What does that look like and how do we formulate all the components that ensure we reach our goal and outcomes? What does our graduate look like when they leave the Los Angeles Mission?

Goal #1: They have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walking toward maturity.

Outcome: The student has an understanding of what a relationship with God and Jesus Christ means to living an abundant life. The student has the ability to develop a prayer life and is committed to being mentored toward maturity, living in community and is embedded in a local church serving God and others.

Goal #2: The student is able to cope with the complexities of life and has healthy key relationships.

Outcome: The student understands and is able to develop reconciliation with God, self, neighbors, family, friends and government that allows them to live in peace. The student has the ability to manage and deal with anger, disappointment, rejection, forgiveness and doubt in a Christ-like manner that develops perseverance thus increasing faith. The student thus becomes a peacemaker with the knowledge and ability to deal with conflict effectively in a positive manner with others and self.

Goal #3: A heart of appreciation to what God through the Los Angeles Mission has done for their life. Thus they are grateful and thankful in heart willing to serve and give back to others.

Outcome: A student thus is grateful and thankful in heart that allows them to serve, giving back to others. A willing participant in supporting the community in prayer and serves with the resources God has entrusted to him.

Goal #4: The student is a marketable individual in the job arena, obtaining a job that fulfills the desire of their heart in serving God.

Outcome: They have obtained the necessary job skills that allow them to be successful in any job assignment or career, reflecting the teachings of Jesus regarding work through seeking excellence; showing up on time; submitting to authority; personal financial skills.

Goal #5: The student has the ability to navigate through opportunities and challenges of housing and is housed. Thus making a decision that continues their recovery.

Outcome: The student can establish a long term place of permanence called home that welcomes family to stay with them. The student will have a commitment to caring for and managing their home and the skills to not go back to homelessness.

Remember, discipleship is hard work, committed work, messy gracious work. It is long, pain staking and requiring love.