The Bridge Transitional Housing program in partnership with Chrysalis provides free temporary housing for up to 90 days to individuals who are employed and have a “Section 8” housing voucher and in need of temporary housing. The program consists of 35 beds total for adult men and women, meals and showers as well as supportive services to those in the program.

Currently there is only a 2.7% vacancy rate in the apartment inventory and with steep rental prices it is extremely difficult to move qualified people into permanent housing. Those who qualify for a “Section 8” voucher sometimes have to wait months for an apartment to open up. The goal is to provide transitional housing to men and women who are employed but are homeless with a permanent housing voucher and who need up to 90 days to save funds that will be needed when they move into their permanent housing.

Last year, 708 stays were provided through our bridge program placing them in a safe living environment resulting in fewer victims of crime. Participants were also better prepared to move into permanent housing with more savings and developed better independent living skills during their stay. As a result of the program, the Mission also developed a good referral system and more local community partnerships.

For more information on our program, please contact: Giselle Del Valle at (213) 629-1227 ext. 503 or