Our vision is to create opportunities for LAM & ADC students to obtain employable skills to obtain jobs in the media and production industry.

In 2021, Los Angeles Mission organized a partnership with the Post-Production Veterans, a leading entertainment industry professional group, to offer training, internships and job opportunities at MTI Film and other key community employers and media partners.

As of August 2022, a pilot program including post-production media skills training was completed with a student starting an internship at MTI Film.

The plan is for a semester-based 12-week course taught by industry veterans and hosted right at Los Angeles Mission and the Anne Douglas Center Media Lab. Training goals include internships and paid job placement opportunities at LA-based production and media companies.

An example of the curriculum:

    • Overview of the media industry and opportunities for jobs/vision for a career in media
    • Storytelling principles
    • Production process (including a hands-on workshop)
    • Editing and post-production (including a hands-on workshop following the production exercise)
    • Distribution

What better way to create opportunities for men and women to relaunch and pursue careers in media and entertainment, than to partner one of LA’s largest recovery programs with one of LA’s largest industries? Moreover, the Media Lab’s course of instruction will assist those in recovery to develop a skill set needed for any pathway they may pursue.

Possible instructors and mentors include:

    • Ken Yas, Post Group
    • Genevieve Anderson, filmmaker
    • Larry Chernoff, MTI Film
    • Bernard Weiser, EIPMA.org
    • Linda Reinstein, Post Group
    • Bill Villareal, Dolby
    • Dan Lion, Shutterstock
    • Bryan Castle, Avid
    • Debra Kaufman
    • Janye Thorne
    • Steven Rich Sohonet

LAM & PPV present – the Media Lab Lecture & Resource Fair

    • Interactive Lecture – Overview of the Media Industry, History 101, sound, story
    • A large-group exercise – and/or volunteers from audience
    • Industry Overview
    • Update on Internship
    • Sponsorship of Media Lab

Student mentoring provided in partnership with EIPMA.org