The Mission helps low-income individuals and families in need to access perishable food items and toiletries through a weekly Food Box program. During these uncertain times, we are seeing many more people than usual reach out for help in accessing basic necessities. In fact, originally we were distributing 50-100 food boxes each Wednesday, but with the increased need for these boxes, we are now distributing up to 200 per week. And our food boxes are sometimes the only source of food for the families we serve.

Each box provides eight meals so low-income households can put healthy food on their tables each week, which is even more important now that children aren’t receiving the nutritious meals they have access to when school is in session. Boxes for families of more than four individuals are also accommodated. With a minimum value of $100 per box, our costs to meet our community’s needs have increased significantly. We would greatly appreciate any generous gifts our donors could send to help us meet this increased need.

Providing these boxes is another way the Mission is Without Walls, meaning we provide more than the basic services and programs like shelter, meals, showers, and rehabilitation programs. For more information or if you’d like to help with this program, please contact Simonne Brewster at (213) 629-1227, ext. 423, or