Dear Friend,

Los Angeles Mission, Herb Smith hands the reins to new CEO Troy Vaughn.

For over 81 years, Los Angeles Mission has been there for men, women, and children in need — and that’s why I feel so privileged to join this incredible organization as the newly appointed President and CEO. I have seen firsthand the difference that the Mission has on those on the path of recovery. I’ve been there.

After many years in the Marine Corps, I received the worst news of my life. My father passed away from a drug overdose — and my life shattered into pieces. I started using controlled substances and later cocaine to cope with the emotional trauma. My father’s addiction soon became mine as well. And my life continued to spin out of control until I hit rock bottom. I found myself living on Skid Row and had no hope…

That was until God spoke to me. He told me to leave my cardboard box home and get help. I went through an intense, year-long rehabilitation program to rebuild my life. It gave me the tools for long-term sobriety that truly saved my life.

This experience lit a fire inside of me. Since the day I left that program, I vowed to do everything I could to help others living on Skid Row experiencing the same ills I had overcome.

First, I founded Christ-Centered Ministries to help men and women transition from recovery programs to healthy, stable environments. Then, I became the Pastor at Inglewood Community Church to further help victims and survivors of addiction and homelessness. And for the last 20 years, I have held a range of roles for several non-profits across Los Angeles to fight for better solutions for those on the path of recovery.

I say all of this to tell you that I don’t take this role lightly. Struggling people across Los Angeles are counting on the Mission for help, hope, and opportunity. I believe it takes compassion, courage, and most of all, love to change lives. And I can’t wait to share that love with all of you and those we serve.

With many blessings,





Troy Vaughn
Los Angeles Mission