Perhaps you couldn’t register in time to volunteer to be part of one of our major events, or maybe these events didn’t fit into your schedule. There are other ways you can be personally involved in hosting an event for the Los Angeles Mission or the Anne Douglas Center for Women.

If you are a friend or supporter of the Mission, you can host a dinner or barbeque in your home to share with your friends why you support our ministry to the homeless.

This is a great way to spread the news about how your contributions of time or money have impacted the lives of countless men and women who went through our programs. We would be happy to have a staff person or graduate come and answer questions and provide information. As a supporter, you are a cherished partner; encourage others to partner with us as well.


When you Adopt-a-Meal, you commit to providing a specific meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner for hungry, homeless, and hurting men, women, and children who come to the Los Angeles Mission. And since every Mission meal is an opportunity to share life-changing hope with someone who is desperate; you can help change lives.

The Adopt-a-Meal program allows volunteer groups to take charge of a meal as though it were their own event. The volunteers will prepare, cover expenses, and serve the designated meal for 500 Mission guests. The Adopt-a-Meal program allows more time to connect with our student’s friends and neighbors. You get the opportunity to share directly with those who benefit from your gifts. To Adopt-a-Meal now, or for more information, please contact Nuria Mora at (213) 629-1227, ext. 334.

Clothing Drives

Clothing drives can turn into an event you can host yourself. One of our most critical needs is always underwear. Everything from socks to bras is always in short supply at the Mission. A great project for your church group, or for your team members at work, would be to organize a clothing drive to assist us in meeting the incredible demand we have for underwear. We will be happy to provide any information you need and would be glad to come and share our story with your group. For more information on how you can host an event, please contact Jessica Mason at (213) 629-1227, ext. 437 or