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3 Ways to Harness the Power of Now


Many people work hard all their lives to make sure they can leave behind something of worth — an inheritance for their loved ones, or a personal legacy of values like work ethic, kindness or faith. Roberta King’s father was no exception.

When Mr. King died, his Estate was well planned — including his choice to use unused IRA money for charitable purposes (knowing it would have been highly taxed if he’d given it to an individual) — and Roberta was tasked with distributing the money he’d left. The process of doling out the checks to his church, local art museum, YMCA and community foundation not only brought unexpected joy and pride to her heart — it helped ease her grief, hearing personal stories from each of the recipients who knew her father so well. Of the experience Roberta later wrote, “Yes, I did receive a nice inheritance, but the gift my dad gave me wasn’t his money. It was a deeper understanding of the importance of volunteering and financially supporting a community that you love.”

Have you considered the legacy you’ll leave behind? And if so, why wait until after you’re gone to impact the ones you love? Hebrews 3:13 says “Encourage one… as long as it is still called “Today…” Harness the power of today with these ideas:

  1. Say it. Do you come from a generation where “I love you” was simply not said? Can you change that? Write a letter, make a phone call, invite your loved one to coffee and tell them how you really feel.
  2. Give together. When creating or updating your Estate Plan, include your children or grandchildren in the process. Introduce them to the ministries you care about like Los Angeles Mission and help them see the passion behind your checks.
  3. Choose today. Like the late Mr. King, most people leave an inheritance to be distributed upon their death — which is normal and right to do. But what about giving to your loved ones now? Why not bless the people you care about when you can see the blessing and reaction it creates first-hand?


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