Seeking a Second Chance

Christopher experienced homelessness for years. He was a cocaine and alcohol addict off and on for over 20 years. Despite his struggles, Christopher never thought he would enroll in any of Los Angeles Mission’s programs.

For years, Christopher would come through our doors for a rare lunch or dinner. It was only when he started seeing people he knew from the streets get the help that they needed, that he was inspired to make a change in his own life.

“I wasn’t happy doing drugs and drinking. I was always miserable. That’s when I decided to come to the Mission and enter the Fresh Start program,” he says.

A New Purpose

At the Mission, Christopher found a new purpose. For 14 months, he worked diligently in the kitchen and prepared approximately 1,200 meals a day for his friends and neighbors. “Chris Cormier, the head chef, always encouraged me, and so did the whole staff,” he says.

By coming to the Mission, Christopher received the tools he needed to get his life back on track. He went from accepting his addiction to seeking more — a better life away from drugs, alcohol and pain.

“It’s been a journey; it’s been a struggle. But God is not finished with me yet. God’s given me the chance to do better,” Christopher says.

Current Inspiration

After graduation, Christopher was eager to use his newfound skills and ambition. He first got a job at Clifton’s Cafeteria downtown where he prepared meals and sandwiches. Then, he heard about the perfect job: chef’s assistant at the Mission, and he got it!

“When I see our friends and neighbors, I see myself,” Christopher says. “I used to be one of them, so I’m able to connect to them, give them hope and a word of encouragement, and inspire them.”

Christopher is a real-life example of how your generosity helps make a lasting impact in the lives of those who walk through our doors.