Seeking Hope After Tragedy

After the deaths of her father, brother and uncle all in a short period of time, Danielle was already struggling to cope. So, when her best friend passed away soon after, she was devastated. She tried to fill the void and pain in destructive ways. “I felt like I’d rather die,” she says.

Danielle almost got her wish. Homeless for months, she struggled to survive. After a series of bad decisions, she ended up incarcerated. After 3 months in jail, she was given a second chance.

“My daughter drove me to the Mission, and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Danielle says.

Finding Peace and Acceptance

When Danielle first came through our doors, she was scared but had no other choice. “It took a good two months until I accepted the fact it’s not a bad program. Now, I’m so grateful I came here,” she says.

At the Mission, she found peace and started to accept herself. “My best friend is God. I have forgiven myself. I have no more guilt,” Danielle says.

Today, Danielle is clean, sober and full of hope. She looks forward to graduating from the FreshStart program and spending time surrounded by her family.


Danielle is truly thankful for donors and the support from the Mission’s staff. “God bless you. If it weren’t for people like you, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.”

Danielle’s future plans include returning home, working at her daughter’s in-home health care business and continuing to honor God.

Thank you on behalf of Danielle and others like her who deserve second chances.