Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

LaTanya suffered with a drug addiction for several years before coming to Los Angeles Mission. Her relationship with her family was broken, and she felt lost. But LaTanya wasn’t ready to come to the Mission for help.

It was only when her friend, an Anne Douglas Center program alumnus, convinced her to join the program, that she took the step to change her life.

“They made me feel welcome. They made me feel like I could do this. My mother took me down with my bag, dropped me off and that’s where I spent the next year and a half,” LaTanya says.

Reclaiming Her Self-Respect

At the Anne Douglas Center, LaTanya was given the tools to break the cycle of self-destruction and reclaim her self-respect. At the Center, she grew closer to the Lord and stronger through the support she received.

“There are times when you have days that you want to go home. But the Lord gives me strength to continue. I knew if I went back home, I would never recover,” she says.

Since graduating from the Anne Douglas Center program 21 years ago, LaTanya has maintained her sobriety. She is living independently and enjoying a loving relationship with her daughter. “The Anne Douglas Center changed my mother’s life,” her daughter says.


LaTanya is forever grateful for donors and the support from the Mission’s staff.

When asked what she’d like to say to those who donate to the Mission, LaTanya says, “I think the greatest feeling is to be a blessing and to see people come into the program with nothing and leave with all of these essentials.”

Thank you on behalf of LaTanya and others like her who deserve the chance to transform their lives and regain their dignity.