Reuniting Homeless Moms with their Children

“There are 450 beds at Los Angeles Mission, and behind each of those beds is a family,” says Los Angeles Mission CEO, Herb Smith. Indeed, when people become homeless, it affects more than just the individual. It has a grave impact on all their loved ones. For homeless moms, it’s especially felt by their children.… Read more

Measure H Marks a Big Change for Homelessness in LA

In just days, LA residents will be able to vote on Measure H, part of the one-two punch needed to fight homelessness in LA and help finally get people off the streets. What is Measure H? Measure H, the “Los Angeles County Plan to Prevent and Combat Homelessness” creates a one-quarter of a cent… Read more

Homelessness in Los Angeles: “Top Concern”

It’s not traffic. It’s not crime. A recent poll indicates that addressing homelessness in Los Angeles is more important than ever. The poll taken by the United Way and reported in L.A. Weekly shows homelessness is a “top concern.” In the survey 19% of 600 respondents said homelessness or poverty was the most important issue facing… Read more